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Handy and Cute Pet Behaviour Guides!

As I was being ever so productive and scrolling through a friend’s particularly amusing feed on Facebook, I came across a darling infographic via Mental Floss that helps decipher cat language! This is likely old news to many, but check out this cute cat shorthand: After a quick search, I hit gold and found a whole, FREE series of wonderful and artistic infographics created by … Continue reading Handy and Cute Pet Behaviour Guides!

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The Best Pet-Sitting Sites

You want to maximize your chances of actually finding a pet sit in an appealing locale, relaxing or working in a comfortable abode while taking care of a sweet (or at least an uncomplicated) furry friend. Despite creating a fabulous profile and providing verifications to assure people that you won’t drink all their booze and run off with their laptop or Labradoodle, you may find … Continue reading The Best Pet-Sitting Sites

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Pet Sitting as a Digital Nomad: Some Work Space Tips

Working online allows many to travel and work at the same time. Pet sitting is one way to adopt a household/home office and potentially save on travel and accommodation costs for those without cushy gigs. Naturally, if your flight and living expenses cost more than rent+other monthly costs, then it’s about the experience and adventure! It’s all about the wifi. Kind of. I need faster … Continue reading Pet Sitting as a Digital Nomad: Some Work Space Tips

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A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Pet Sitting (so far)

  Pet sitting has allowed me to visit and re-visit some beautiful places, try on different cultures, lifestyles and pets. Usually I find pet sits (or am contacted by members) via a pet sitting site which charges an annual fee. Some people call this the ‘sharing economy,’ however this isn’t always a fair exchange. Before you decide on a pet sit, it’s important to have … Continue reading A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Pet Sitting (so far)

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Cat Slaves (Owners)

For more than 2 years I have crisscrossed the pond looking after critters and have seen so many different types of toys and kitty accoutrements. Sure, dogs sometimes had some decent swag, but nothing tops the dedicated cat slave for variety! In a special short and sweet seasonal post, I offer you my top gift picks for the cat slave in your life:   Kristianafelt … Continue reading Last Minute Gift Ideas for Cat Slaves (Owners)

New Home Workout and Baking Blog!

Since I travel a lot and absolutely LOATHE jogging, consistent exercise can be a bit challenging (also the fact that I hate exercising). I always have my laptop and internet, so I realized a few years ago that I can use YouTube as a source for free and even fun workouts. Now, every workout needs a little reward, right? So, I also have some baked … Continue reading New Home Workout and Baking Blog!

A New House Sitting Search Site!

Last week I came across a website where you can search across MANY sites and apply more filters than any other individual site I’ve used yet! What a gift and a time-saver! So far, it also looks to be VERY up to date and is quite easy to use (again, compared to every other house sit site I’ve used). Le voici: House Sit Search The … Continue reading A New House Sitting Search Site!

Rooms With a View in den Bosch ‘Burbs

So, I’ve popped back over the pond to the Netherlands where I found a 3 week pet sit in Den Bosch (short for ‘s-Hertogenbosch!) in Brabant. The last time I was in this province was almost a year ago when I watched these fuzzy buns in Oosterhout. In addition to looking after the hilarious fur balls below, I’m seeing some sites and learning more about … Continue reading Rooms With a View in den Bosch ‘Burbs


Off the Beaten Path-Pet-Sitting in the ‘Burbs’.

When many people think of pet/house sitting, they think of big cities or retreats nestled in the South of France(these usually never just come with a mellow feline, but a vast menagerie and unreasonable expectations on the part of the owners, imho). These certainly exist,  (and are quite ‘competitive!) however I’ve had very rewarding experiences in smaller cities (and even in the ‘burbs’) in Canada … Continue reading Off the Beaten Path-Pet-Sitting in the ‘Burbs’.

Om nom noms

I’m presently taking care of some fluffy ‘buns’ who are lucky enough to have fresh picked  greens(from the garden in the back!). Their human gave me a thorough tour and a list of what they can and cannot eat, but it’s always good to have some lists at hand as reminders for the most common furry friends: From one of my house sitting sites, Trusted … Continue reading Om nom noms

Introducing: Sasha et Simone!

When I was a baby opera singer at McGill,  I spent a certain amount of time waiting around in rehearsal. One day, as my eyes were glazing over during a particularly dull bit of Argento’s Postcards from the Edge, I mean, Postcard from Morocco, the tedium was enlivened and my life forever enriched when I happened to meet my B.F.F, J-F. Though he is a … Continue reading Introducing: Sasha et Simone!

Cleanliness is next to doginess

I’m house sitting sans pets at the moment which really makes the whole cleaning thing much easier! I’d like to be clear-I don’t LOVE cleaning. I’m not singing a merry tune as I slip into a pair of darling long-sleeved retro rubber gloves as woodland creatures braid my hair(but if that floats your boat, by all means. Whatever happens between consenting adults..).  I want things … Continue reading Cleanliness is next to doginess